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We are being bombarded with thousands of media messages through out the day and it takes a pretty impressive advertisement to cut through the clutter. With shock and surprise though, advertisers can get to our heads with bizarre tactic called oddvertising. Here’s a collection of oddvertising masterpieces and other oddities to waste few minutes in.

Stunning Mass Synchronization Performances

Practice practice practice!
Synchronized swimming is an olympic sport. North Korean Mass Games are vast spectacles with over 100 000 participants. Japan even has hypnotizing precision walking!Please, enjoy a little WebM collection displaying amazing coordination and discipline.

Worlds Best Cover Songs

Recorder is the best instrument in known universe. Accordion is a close second. Third must be a melodica.
Anyway, get ready to update you’re favorite music playlist after watching these heart breaking adaptations of some classic tunes. Enjoy. Or don’t.

WTF Youtube Videos

Confusion mixed up with laugher. Awkward silence followed by a burst of healthy “What the fuck did I just watch”.
Describing these videos would be a waste of time. And so would be watching them – these ten videos rack up 16 minutes and 57 seconds that you won’t get back.

Eight Epic Tennis Shots

Tennis – king of racquet sports – is believed to born in the 12th century France and according to ITF it’s played in over 210 nations around the globe. From a game that was played with a palm of your hand tennis has evolved to a professional sport played today. Here’s a collection of impressive shots, tweeners and desperate saves from trickster Gael Monfils to multi-grand slam winner Roger Federer. Enjoy. Especially the look on the opponents faces.